What is the difference between the Lace Wig Premium Tool Kit and the Starter Tool Kit?

The Lace Wig Starter Tool Kit

Lace Wig Tool Kit - Test 1

The Starter Tool Kit is available on our website daily and contains 7 items to start your ventilating journey.  You will receive  7 items: Wig Block, Straight Pins, Needle, Needle Holder, Hair, Opera Lace, and Nylon Thread. You can find the Lace Wig Starter Tool Kit Here: https://www.marquettabreslin.com/shop/lwts-toolkit/

The Lace Wig Premium Tool Kit

The Premium Tool Kit has everything the Starter Tool Kit offers and so much more. However, the Premium Tool Kit is only available as part of the 2-Day Event and is not available for individual purchase at this time. You can find more information about Marquetta’s upcoming events here: https://www.marquettabreslin.com/products/#events or by emailing us at support@marquettabreslin.com for more information about when the next 2-Day Lace Wig Bootcamp will take place.